Submitting Your Project
All Tezos based projects are welcome to submit!
You can submit your project here: All IDOs will go through an independent review process. The following information is needed in order to properly vet a project. This is all flexible and reviewed on a per project basis. Do not be afraid to submit your project with limited information. We understand that not all information will be possible for some projects and that things move fast in this space. Projects that are closely matched to a security offering cannot be listed on our platform. Examples of projects that are not accepted due to the risk of being labeled a security:
    DAO projects
    Projects that promise a return for investors
    Projects that pay out a percentage of profits to token holders

Whitepaper or Documentation Site

Team must have a white paper that breaks out the following…
    Background and Introduction
      A quick explanation about what the project aims to accomplish such as goals, use case and development
    Product Overview
      What are you creating, how is it beneficial, and how will it benefit Tezos as a whole

Tokenomics Breakdown

    Token Statistics
    Market Cap
    IDO Goal ($)
    Total Supply
    Distribution Schedule
      Detailed breakdown of schedule
    Funding Plan
      What will funds be used for
      Spending plan
    Token Utility
      Applications that make up use case
      Breakdown of use case


    List of goals
      Plan to achieve set milestones
      “Soft” timeline for milestones
      Phase out plan for objectives

Social Media

    Accounts Links
      Team members
      LinkedIn profiles
      Previous project Info

Code Repo

    Github/Gitlab or a way to visually review your project
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