$RCKT is the utility token of the Rocket Launchpad. The $RCKT token will be utilized in the Rocket platform to determine eligibility of participating in future IDO projects and farms.

Token Breakdown

Capped Supply: 377,984,008 $RCKT Total Raised: 258,856 $XTZ Circulating Supply: 77,984,008 RCKT Token Contract: KT19JYndHaesXpvUfiwgg8BtE41HKkjjGMRC Decimals: 6
RCKT_Token_Sales_Agreement (1).pdf
Rocket Launchpad Token Sales Agreement

Token Distribution

70,521,322 RCKT- 258,856 $XTZ
Bootstrap Liquidity 7,462,686 RCKT- 51,303.00 $XTZ
Development Fund 150,000,000 RCKT
User Incentives 150,000,000 RCKT


70,521,322 $RCKT was sold during this period, 18.66% of the total supply, at a average rate of 1 $RCKT = 0.005 XTZ.
When $RCKT tokens were purchased from this pool, 50% of the $RCKT tokens were distributed 1600 EST 15 August 2021. The other 50% will be distributed 30 days after the close of the presale (1600 EST 14 September 2021)

Bootstrap Liquidity

51,303 XTZ from presale was placed in the bootstrap liquidity pool on Quipuswap. These bootstrap LP tokens will be packed and secured in Crunchy’s Deep Feezer for a period of 6 months. During this time we will be unable to remove them from the liquidity pool. This is done to ensure adequate liquidity while $RCKT goes through price discovery. At the end of the 6 month period, the bootstrap liquidity XTZ will be placed into the development fund and the RCKT will be burned.

Development Fund

Development funds will be used to fund continuous platform development, research, as well as hosting and service fees. These funds will initially be locked in Crunchy’s Deep Freezer for a period of 6 months. Following the lock up period, the funds will be released in 5% increments monthly over a 20 month period.

User Incentives

We will also be offering $RCKT as a reward for completing various bounties. These can range from tutorials, improving documentation, testing, marketing, liquidity farming and even community competitions. 80% of the user incentive funds will initially be locked in Crunchy’s Deep Feezer for a period of 3 months. Following the lock up period, these funds will be released in 10% increments monthly over a 10 month period. This is done to inspire more trust and ensure a slow release of tokens to the market.