Tokenomics and Distribution


Total Supply — 100,000 $rkDAO
1.8% -- 1805 to Initial Liquidity
1.33% -- 1330 to RCKT Community
53% -- 53,000 to Crunch Farming for 1 Year
25% — 25,000 to Rocket Launchpad Team
18.87% — 18,865 to Future Community Distribution
Token address: KT1MuyJ7gVw74FNJpfb2mHR15aCREdyEbe2e
Decimal places: 8


Our main focus for $rkDAO distribution is to have the process be as even and decentralized as possible. This ensures no one entity can jump in early and seize the overwhelming majority of $rkDAO, ultimately creating an unfair voting and governance process.
  • Wallets holding 25,000 $RCKT will be airdropped 5 $rkDAO from the Community Distribution allocation. We will prune wallets that have attempted to game the system or sold all their $RCKT within the first 2 hours of trading on Quipuswap. The goal is to airdrop $rkDAO to community members here for the long term.
  • The remaining Community Distribution allocation will be placed into farming pools with different pairings: - $XTZ/$RCKT LP-> $rkDAO -- 20,000 $rkDAO - $RCKT-> $rkDAO -- 15,000 $rkDAO - $XTZ/$crDAO LP-> $rkDAO -- 10,000 $rkDAO - $XTZ/$tzBTC-> $rkDAO -- 5,000 $rkDAO - $XTZ/$rkDAO-> $rkDAO -- 3,000 $rkDAO
  • Farming will start 1400 EST 16 August 2021. It will run for 1 year while the DAO is discussed, built and while we transition Rocket to the DAO model.
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