$rkDAO will be used to govern the Rocket Launchpad platform. $rkDAO holders will be able to submit and vote on proposals based on the amount of $rkDAO they hold.
Proposal examples:
  • Pool limits (funding amount a project can raise)
  • Changes to the tier system (amount of $RCKT tokens needed, benefits of each tier/add new tiers)
  • Flagging suspicious projects (deflecting rug pulls)
  • Changes in min/max allocations for lottery winners
  • Adding farms for newly launched projects
These are just a few examples. In the end, the community will have say in the final proposals!

Earning Fees

In the future, $rkDAO holders will be able to earn a portion of the fees generated by project launches. Ideally, projects will be charged a fee on funds raised for their projects. Of that launching fee, 60% will be earnable by $rkDAO holders, the remaining 40% will go to the Rocket development fund.
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