Utilizing the Tezos blockchain, Rocket will help projects launch a decentralized swapping pool in order to accept the exchange of $XTZ for the launching project’s token. We are focused on building a strong and loyal community, as well as enabling the highest caliber projects to be listed on our platform. With Rocket, users stake a certain amount of $RCKT tokens to be entered in tiers that we dubbed, “Rover Missions”. In order to participate in a Rover Mission on Rocket, you will need to hold a minimum of 25,000 $RCKT tokens. You will be able to stake these $RCKT tokens directly onto our platform.
We plan to include four tiers at launch: TRIANGULUM, MILKY WAY, ANDROMEDA, and a first come, first serve (FCFS) tier.
Staking the required amounts of tokens for each tier before each launch's "whitelist deadline" locks you in for a guaranteed allocation for that tier. Each tier has a weighted factor that determines the amount of tokens each user can buy. Tier allocations are determined by total tokens being distributed, total number of whitelisted address, tier weight, and total number of users in each tier. Higher level tiers will have higher allocations and members in those tiers will be able to buy more tokens.
Example of tier breakouts:
Lets say the project is selling 20,000,000 tokens and wants to raise $200,000 USD, while saying the price of $XTZ at the time of sale is $5.00 USD. This makes the sale price per token =.002 $XTZ ($200,000/$5 = 40,000 $XTZ) and then (40,000 $XTZ/20,000,000 token = .002 $XTZ per token or $.01 USD per token).
We have 250 users staked in the Triangulum tier, 50 users in the Milky Way tier, and 5 users in the Andromeda tier. The weight of the Triangulum tier is 5, Milky Way is 50, and Andromeda is 300.
First, you need to calculate the combined weight of all tiers. This is done by multiplying the number of users by the tier weight and then adding them up for all three tiers. (5*250)+(50*50)+(300*5)= 5250.
Next, you need to know the number of tokens set aside for each allocation. This is done by dividing the number of tokens being sold by the combined tier weight. 20,000,000 / 5250 = 3,809.5238095238
Now, you need calculate the number of tokens allocated to each tier. This is done by multiplying the number of users in the tier by the share amount and then multiplying it by the tier weight.
Triangulum: 250 * 3,809.5238095238 * 5 = 4,761,904.7619048 Milky Way: 50 * 3,809.5238095238 * 50 = 9,523,809.5238095 Andromeda: 5 * 3,809.5238095238 * 300 = 5,714,285.7142857
Finally, you can figure out the tokens allocated to each user by dividing the number of tokens in each tier by the number of users in each tier. Then multiply that by the XTZ price per coin to get the max XTZ purchase each allocation can buy.
Triangulum: 4,761,904.7619048 / 250 = 19,047.619047619 * .002 = 38.0952380952 XTZ per user Milky Way: 9,523,809.5238095 / 50 = 190,476.19047619 * .002 = 380.9523809524 XTZ per user Andromeda: 5,714,285.7142857 / 5 = 1,142,857.1428571 * .002 = 2,285.7142857142 XTZ
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